Eric McKee

About Eric

Eric McKee is a veteran and eco-entrepreneur specializing in hemp based solutions to combat global problems. A natural craftsman with a passion for the outdoors, Eric left the Marines to work for major brands in the outdoor/ski industry. It was here he discovered Industrial Hemps disruptive potential in the plastic industry. Armed with a background in Industrial Design, he went on to oversee the construction of the first permitted Hempcrete structure in Denver, Colorado. This gained national attention and propelled Eric to the forefront of the industry. He took this success by spending time in Haiti's Wynne Farm Nature Reserve demonstrating Hemps application for humanitarian purposes.

Eric is the Founder and CEO of Wndr, a Colorado startup, who’s mission is to infuse sustainability and style with economic viability into everyday products. in addition Eric provides Business Development opportunities for Witlon Inc. which provides payroll, management services and Business Consulting in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. A proud father of 2, he is determined to lead by example and connect with influencers from across the world.

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